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Elegant garments for the maid of honor – class and elegance

Elegant garments for the maid of honor – class and elegance

Clothes for the maid of honor

It has a very special role to play on the happiest day in the life of your friends: the dress of one Maid of honor should therefore be chic and elegant, without outshining the bride. Choose a tasteful model in which you feel at home with the bride and groom all day.

Depending on the frame of the wedding and the season come very different clothes for the Maid of honor in question. Whether you wear a short dress as a maid of honor or fall back on the long version, depends on the location and of course on your personal taste. If the celebration takes place in the evening, an evening robe is suitable. On a civil wedding the dress code is a bit simpler. A long one Maids of Honor Dress In vintage style, for example, barefoot and with flowers in the hair, can be worn at an outdoor wedding. The first rule is of course: white and cream are reserved for the bride. Popular colors for that Maid of honor dress are pink and apricot, for example.

The cut can range from empire dress to a classic A-line to a snug model. For larger celebrations in the upscale frame are swinging maxi dresses. At less formal weddings even short dresses work well. A shift dress is a classic outfit for the registry office, which can be lightened up with a scarf. On a chic garden party, a cocktail model is a good choice: It looks solemn and is well suited for dancing.

High quality materials such as chiffon, satin or silk leave Maids of Honor Dresses look very noble. Colors and patterns may be happy and brighter here. Dark colors or black are for many colors of mourning and should therefore be discussed with the bride and groom. Sophisticated details such as crystal or lace applications make you look especially glamorous.

A dress for the maid of honor in large sizes

Nowadays it is no longer a problem festive clothing in large sizes to find. Choose as Maid of honor on dressthat emphasizes your preferences and that sits so that you feel good all day long. Use flowing fabrics and sophisticated cuts to emphasize your beautiful décolleté or visually stretch your legs, for example. Filigree patterns are always a good choice, as well as more saturated colors. How about a summery cocktail dress with a swinging skirt? A tie belt conjures up a feminine waist.

Accessories for the maid of honor – to match the dress and practical

Above all, choose your shoes carefully for the occasion. Of course they should visually for dress but, as a maid of honor, you will always help the bride and groom and be on your feet all day long. So if you decide to buy a new pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to buy them in advance. The right jewelry completes your Maids of Honor outfit, Real jewelery with small gems, such as stud earrings, small creoles or a delicate necklace will not steal the show from the bride.