Vests for Men

Vests for Men

Whether for festive occasions or sportive activities in nature – there are many uses for men’s vests. Be it the outdoor vest made of weatherproof material with or without feeding or the vests that complete an elegant suit. With our vests you are suitable for every occasion, elegant or casual.

That’s what makes West so popular with gentlemen

Visually, west stretch the upper body, make the slender figure by the emphasis on the vertical and give a sporty image. The classic vest, which is borrowed from the three-piece suit, combined with business shirts and men’s pants makes a slim waist and extends every outfit with an elegant component, Made of tweed or tightly woven cotton fabric, it fits, like the vest and the quilted waistcoat, ideal for English clothing style.

Indoor vests: Elegant vests for special occasions or everyday working life

If you are traveling indoors, for example at a party, you can wear a nice vest that you can wear to your shirt. The suit vest is a true style classic, which is still part of the three-piece suit today. It is worn with jacket, suit trousers, shirt and tie and selected to match the jacket. Many models are equipped with a fine, slightly shiny fabric on the back, so they are Also worn well without jacket solo over the shirt can be. Suit and other indoor vests are available in various colors and are also available in a patterned version. For example, they are very popular West with delicate pinstripes,

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Stylish outdoor vests in modern designs

Athletes and outdoor adventurers appreciate the West, especially in the transitional period. They keep the important organs warm enough for them to move for running, hiking or cycling wonderfully suitable. Many outdoor vests also have practical pockets and hoodsso they can remedy even a sudden downpour. Some models are lined, others are made of a lightweight sweat fabric. In addition, outdoor vests also convince with a modern designso that they can also be worn well in the city and combined with an urban look. In combination with a hoody and cargo shorts, a rustic look is created in an instant.

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Cuddly down vests for autumn and winter

Down vests are the perfect choice when it gets really cold outside. Down feathers are wonderfully light and at the same time keep you warm and cuddly. The decorative quilting not only look good, but create additional heating chambersso you will not feel cold. Visually, down vests can be seen. They look sporty and are available in many attractive colors. Access discreet black or choose a signal color, such as red or purple.

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