Saturday , 30 September 2023
Style a striped shirt casually

Style a striped shirt casually

They are among the absolute classics in every men’s wardrobe: stripe shirts, Subtle longitudinal stripes are simply elegant and match every suit. But even in leisure wear, more and more stripes appear, often in broad and eye-catching trend colors.

Create elegant business outfits

Narrow, dark stripes on a light background are absolutely businesstauglich. You can wear these shirts with your favorite suit of a matching tie and chic leather shoes every day in the office. The color is up to you. Blue or brown stripes are very timeless. Bordeaux red, however, has an extravagant aura. Incidentally, the collar and cuffs do not always have to be striped. Sometimes they stand out in a light uni tone from the rest of the shirt.

If more than two colors come into play, the shirt looks more casual. Most models can still carry you in the office. For example, a composition of white, light blue and dark blue stripes is very serious. Those who prefer to experiment with colors wear the striped shirt better in their free time. It can be wonderfully combined with casual chinos or corduroys. Also for jeans, it comes out well. With a leisure jacket you can look reputable look, with denim jacket he seems rather casual. Real trendsetters can grab wide block stripes in black and white and give your outfit a real eye-catcher.