Tuesday , 19 September 2023
Ties by Boss: noble and serious or strikingly different

Ties by Boss: noble and serious or strikingly different

Ties by Boss

The man of today is equipped by the line boss of the label Hugo Boss for the business world. These include tailored suits, stylish shirts, and the indispensable tie: it stands for the seriousness of business life and the seriousness of its wearer.

The tie as a mirror of ranking

What says the insignia on the uniform of a soldier reveals the necktie on his suit. At the first glance, the trained eye shows the type and pattern on the garment, where its wearer is in the company hierarchy. The darker the color, the better the material and the smaller the pattern, the higher the rank. A cotton tie with a large, high-contrast pattern is worn on the lowest level. A cotton tie with smaller, subtle dots, plaids or stripes will be worn one step above and the silk model with the unobtrusive pattern will be left out to the boss.

A plain-colored Boss business tie made of fine Italian silk with thin stripes radiates confidence and assertiveness and is therefore particularly suitable for everyday office use. You can create a particularly serious and noble look by wearing a black suit and elegant shoes. With eye-catching woven patterns on the tie and strong colors like red or purple, you break through the monotony of the always-same-looking business look and rebel against the strict conventions in a stylish way.