Tuesday , 5 September 2023
The polo shirt for women – a top with history

The polo shirt for women – a top with history

Some stories about the creation of a garment amaze again and again. The modern one polo shirt for example, it was born out of necessity, like so many other popular garments today. In desperation there was none other than René Lacoste, a well-known and popular tennis player in the 1920s. He struggled to find the right apparel for his games and decided to simply take action himself. The result was the polo shirt. With its narrow collar, short sleeves, button placket and elastic fabric, it quickly conquered athletes’ hearts and became an integral part of sportswear.

Over time, that became polo shirt increasingly worn in leisure time. The designers took up the trend and designed various models for men and women. The polo shirt for Ladies is adjusted to the men’s cut. Body-contoured and slim cut it emphasizes the body shapes and still sits very comfortably. Meanwhile the polo shirt is for Ladies a real cult object and has revolutionized the leisure fashion. From the classic model in muted colors to fancy shirts with colorful accents, the selection is huge.

Trendy – the polo shirt for women

Many women like to be athletic in their clothing but still do not want to miss out on elegance. Here the polo shirt is the ideal choice. It looks great on casual jeans, but it also looks great with shorts or a sporty skirt. A well-fitting polo shirt reaches to the waistband of jeans or skirt and closes here. It attaches to the body and yet does not wrinkle. In the meantime, the ladies’ polo shirt is not only available with short but also with long sleeves. So you do not have to do without the trendy top even on cool days. Even polo-optic dresses are on offer.

The colors and patterns can be drawn from the full. In addition to the traditional company Lacoste, there are also a large number of other suppliers involved in the production of Polo Shirts always implement new ideas. Colorful colors, feminine embroidery and great patterns gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, classics in the colors white, black or blue do not have to be left out because they are still very much in vogue.