Thursday , 31 August 2023
Cocktail dresses from the ESPRIT Collection

Cocktail dresses from the ESPRIT Collection

From your elegant side show, you can indulge yourself with the tasteful cocktail dresses from the ESPRIT Collection. For festive occasions with sophisticated ambience, these jewels are just the thing. They inspire with feminine cuts, high quality materials and are not overloaded but stylishly simple.

The fashion manufacturer ESPRIT is known and loved for its elegant naturalness. The range of different types of elegant cocktail dresses is still very wide for the manufacturer. The offer ranges from classic-withdrawn models to slightly playful dresses. Eye-catching patterns are rather rare here, monochrome dresses with small ornaments or a bit lace are typical.

Stylishly dressed for every celebration in a cocktail dress by Esprit

Whether it’s the graduation ceremony, an elegant party or a family celebration, the cocktail dresses from the ESPRIT Collection guarantee a chic appearance. You have the choice between bright trend colors, timeless and versatile combinable tones as well as gentle pastel variations. Of course, the rest of the outfit will have to be right for the cocktail dress to show off perfectly. Pumps or high heels work especially well with the ESPRIT Collection models. They stretch the leg and make the body appear slimmer automatically. With ballerinas, however, a model in delicate pastel and empire cut looks even more girlish. Customize the jewelry individually to your dress from ESPRIT. For example, a statement necklace looks good on a shoulder-less model. Too high-cut variants fit eye-catching earrings. For more romantic cocktail dresses, small stud earrings or a delicate necklace are the best choice.