The right bolero for your wedding

The right bolero for your wedding

For a successful wedding outfit includes a chic jacket to coat. When it gets colder outside or a cool wind blowing in the evening, it’s time to grab a bolero.

These stylish short jackets are not only popular classics with a very elegant look, they inspire in many different designs, so that there is a tasteful version for both the bride and the wedding guests. Bolero jackets have always been considered the perfect combination partner for elegant evening dresses. They are cut so short that the sidecut of the dress and its design remain visible and still cover the shoulders and arms.

The right bolero for your wedding – which color?

For your own wedding, of course, must be something very noble, also in terms of color. Brides can look forward to white or cream boleros in many appealing designs. Also numerous wedding guests, who are also in front of the outfit question, can grab the Bolero. Since white is out of the question, there is the possibility of orienting oneself to fresh colors such as mint green or rose, as they are an excellent match for colorful dresses. You can be quite classic in colors like dark blue or bordeaux red.

Boleros for the wedding – The variety of models

The numerous minimalist boleros, which are suitable for every wedding dress, are quite simply presented. The models with sparkling rhinestones provide shine and glamor. Not only the bride herself wants to look as chic as possible on her special day. Ladies who are looking for a romantic flair, can grab variants with a delicate lace or make with tasteful embroidery for a successful eye-catcher.

Even in the form you have the full freedom of choice. How about, for example, a bolero with eye-catching lapels and a modern stand-up collar? Also trumpet sleeves or bulgy shoulders can give your outfit the finishing touch. Discover the possibilities and be inspired by the tasteful designs.