Sunday , 24 September 2023


The premium brand offers ladies high-quality and trendy T-shirts. SOCCX has made sure that the summer companions can be integrated into numerous leisure looks. Eye-catching prints and cool patterns turn the tops into real eyecatchers that spice up any outfit in a jiffy.

T-shirts by SOCCX: not to be outdone in diversity

If you love sporty and urban looks, then you’ve come to the right place with this label. The high-quality models of the brand have a waisted shape and a classic round neck. Some SOCCX T-shirts are equipped with a sporty button placket. The fresh colors of the tops, such as pink or white, provide the perfect canvas for the striking front motifs. Dazzling lettering and cheeky sayings make the SOCCX shirts something very special. In addition to the printed models, there are also striped variants that look great with a light washed jeans.

Casual, summery or party suitable – however you wish

The T-shirts by SOCCX can be combined well with leisure looks. For example, they look very casual with a pair of used-look jeans and a pair of sneakers. But even with a hooded jacket and sweat pants they can be wonderfully arranged. In summer you can wear the tops in combination with a jean shorts and a pair of sandals. Even real party queens can grab a SOCCX T-shirt. In combination with a leather leggings and a pair of high heels you can create a cool look.