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Modern Winter – true fashion classics

Modern Winter – true fashion classics

Timeless and elegant, a well-kept suit, Men’s nothing as good as a perfectly cut two-parter. While for a long time it was only possible Suits To buy from the tailor, the men’s clothing was introduced in 1901 – a fashion revolution in men’s fashion. From this point on it was possible to tailor-made modern Men’s Suits to offer in stock and in a large selection – without loss of quality.

Stylish suits for every occasion

Suits are classics of men’s fashion. They are worn during leisure time, at work and of course on social occasions. Thanks to a wide range of different fits, colors and styles, the right model is available for every occasion and for every type of man. Convince yourself and find the ideal one suit for your purposes.

Elegant wedding suits for the big day

Of course you need the matching wedding suit so that you look really elegant next to the bride. When choosing the right design, color and fit, it’s best to talk to your loved one. Many bridal couples tune their outfits to each other. Basically you can be with a well-fitting suit in a festive color like black, dark blue or anthracite do not go wrong. Gentle pastel colors or warm beige are also welcome at weddings.

Serious appearance with the right business suits

The perfect business suit is timeless yet trend-oriented. Covered colors such as beige, gray or blue are ideal for everyday working life. The higher your position, the darker the suit may be. Genuine black is worn only in the top executive floors. A good cut and a noble material also play a big role. Suits made of woven or linen, for example, are suitable for a serious appearance in the office or at important business meetings.

The tuxedo for the upscale society

Style-conscious men do not catch on particularly elegant events suitbut instead get the tuxedo out of the closet. In contrast to a normal jacket, the tuxedo jacket has a long lapels made of silk and only one button. Wear the tuxedo on the elegant evening gala, at a wedding or at the opera. The tuxedo is usually black, but it is also available in other colors, such as mid blue or bordeaux red.

Dress pants in different fits and colors

To each Men’s suit belongs to a stylish pants. It should sit as well as possible and be color coordinated with the jacket. You have the choice between different fits. Slim-fit suit trousers are very slim cut. For a classic look, regular fit models are the perfect choice. They are neither too tight nor too wide. Finally, you can opt for the American Comfort Fit suit trousers. When it comes to colors and materials, you have the freedom of choice. Some suit trousers are fitted with pleats so that they sit comfortably.

For the perfect fit: modular suits

Choose your pants and jacket independently and create one suitthat just fits perfectly. Above all, if you wear a different size on the upper and lower body, you can benefit from modular suits. Classically, the kit suit consists of suit trousers and jacket. But many manufacturers also offer the three-part Suit with vest to compile.

Sprinkle English charm with Glencheck suits

These suit models feature a classic check pattern from England. Glencheck suits look dapper and timeless, making them perfect for true gentlemen. Gladly, the checked two-pieces are worn in the spare time. But they are also the elegant dinner in a sophisticated atmosphere, for the visit to the museum or the cocktail party in question. Since the checks in all imaginable color combinations show, Glencheck suits can be wonderfully selected for the event.

The pinstripe suit – a true classic

He is a true style classic, with its fine longitudinal stripes looks elegant and timeless: the pinstripe suit. He is happy to be worn in dark blue with white stripes. It is particularly suitable for the office and other business matters. For example, you can wear it elegantly at an important meeting or business lunch. Very happy the pinstripe suit is combined with a color matching vest. The result is a stylish retro look.

Great suit selection of colors and fabrics for men

Stylistically, a beautiful one Men’s suit as changeable as a chameleon – and does not always have to be worn with a leather bag or color-coordinated in black, navy, blue or gray. This applies to the fabric selection – so there are next to a pure tweed suit and suits made of merino wool, which is offset for example with cashmere or silk – but also in the colors. Therefore, fits both a classic black Suit with vest, Jacket and an anthracite-colored jacket in combination with black trousers. No matter which color choice you choose: With a men’s suit, you will always prove a good taste at parties and at work.