Thursday , 31 August 2023


khujo stands for urban streetwear products like no other label. Especially the fancy jackets make the success of the brand, so it is not surprising to see the company in this fashion segment at the top of the market. The label’s success is closely linked to the company’s beginnings, which was founded in 1996 in a backyard in Hamburg and quickly made a name for itself as a brand for authentic streetwear through word-of-mouth propaganda. The idea too khujo However, it was built some time earlier during a stay of the company founder in Manhattan. Diverse jacket designs with special expression from several decades inspired Tobias, the inventor of khujoto offer similar vintage fashion from now on in Germany.

The brand’s style palette ranges from vintage and used-look to contemporary fashion styles. The focus is on the combination of classic sports fashion with current fashion influences. The khujo style is created by unique cuts, high-quality materials and unusual details such as exclusively developed prints. Quality, fashion and function – these are the three main components. These elements create the unmistakability of the jackets of the fashion label. A total of four collections are designed each year: two jacket and two ready-to-wear collections give the fashion world new inspiration.


The designers of khujo They place the highest demands on their products because they are convinced that high-quality clothing reaches their buyers even without large-scale advertising campaigns. Success proves Khujo right. Above all, in the studios, great emphasis is placed on making the items both roadworthy and credible. The Khujo designs forego unnecessary ornamentation on both jackets and all other garments. Functionality and authenticity are always in the foreground.

Khujo’s business philosophy is that all the refined details of the garments serve a purpose: practical pockets provide storage for items or hands, and fur inserts keep the neck warm in the cold season. All of Khujo’s products are durable and long lasting.

Customers will find a wide selection of styles, colors and designs available in the jackets, which are still the centerpiece of each collection. In his collections, the Hamburg-based label carries numerous winter jackets, coats and parkas, which can be combined with many outfits. Apart from the jacket creations, the label also presents various other streetwear products. Casual pants, attractive shirts or classic polo shirts are as much a part of the collections as blouses and cardigans. With clothes from Khujo the wearers make a sovereign and casual figure in urban life. In addition, the brand knows how to convince by fair conditions in the production of their streetwear.