Sunday , 10 September 2023
Blazer in size 50

Blazer in size 50

With the right one Blazer in size 50 you can put yourself perfectly in scene. The classic blazer is simply the perfect garment for business or formal occasions. But there are also numerous casual models available that can be worn well in your free time.

Highlight the figure advantageous

With a refined, slightly tailored cut and sensible stitching, a size 50 Blazer will make you look slimmer in no time. Many models are also cut a little longer. This will stretch the upper body. At the same time, wide hips can be wonderfully concealed.

How to style a blazer in size 50

For everyday working life, classic models with a simple cut and subtle coloring come into question. With a black blazer, you can not go wrong, but even models in gray or beige are well suited. You can wear a blouse and smart trousers. For feminine casual looks, however, there are stylish Blazer in size 50 They create a casual flair with mottled surfaces, rough weave structures or unusual cuts. For example, you can wear such a blazer quite relaxed to your favorite jeans. If you fancy a fun-filled look, then a blazer with a cool allover pattern could be something for you.