Tuesday , 19 September 2023


Cardigan in black – a helper for every situation

The original cardigan lived up to its name and consisted of a roughly knitted pattern. It was designed to warm the body and protect it from wind and cold. The cardigan in black is the now very popular and lightweight variant of the originally robust model. He is considered elegant and is worn by both men and women like over everyday clothing. The hallmark of the classic cardigan in black is the neckline with a round or even a V shape. A collar is not available. Instead, the jacket is buttoned in one or two rows. The model was designed at the behest of the Earl of Cardigan, who had his soldiers equipped with it. Today, the cardigan in black is an important part of fashion and available in different variations. Unlike a pullover, the black cardigan looks much nobler and can be quickly pulled over. Especially on cool days, she is a must and replaces some of the blazer or jacket. The cardigan in black is very easy to combine and harmonises with colorful shades.

Cardigan in black – fine cardigans for everyday wear as well as for going out

The cardigan in black is a cardigan that quickly becomes your favorite companion. This is ensured by the classic design. Well-known designers have long recognized the trend and offer the cardigan in cashmere or cotton, with small details or simply kept. Every season the black cardigan is the perfect complement to the outfit. If you like to wear jeans and shirts, you can change the casual outfit a bit with this slim-cut cardigan. Just as helpful is the cardigan in black but also when going out. Often clothes and tops are airy cut. Especially on cool evenings but a light jacket is needed, which also fits the upscale outfit. Here the cardigan in black shows perfect. Men who like being elegant also appreciate him. They wear it over the ironed shirt or over the light shirt to a pleated trousers or jeans. Instead of coarse knit jackets, this black cardigan conquers the fashion world with its charming and timeless design. The cardigan in black is a worthwhile investment.