Thursday , 28 September 2023
Ripped jeans with holes

Ripped jeans with holes

Jeans with holesCracks and other signs of wear are an important part of urban streetwear looks for many. They can be combined in a versatile and stylish way.

They are equally popular with women and men: Jeans with holes, Famous fashion designers and successful labels carry these jeans in the destroyed style in their assortment. The special look is achieved by different types of denim treatments. Typical methods are, for example:

  • Stone-washed
  • Super Stone-washed
  • Sand-washed
  • Bleached Jeans

Often the individual processes are combined industrially in order to achieve individual effects. With a bit of skill, you can even give a newer jeans in your wardrobe even with pumice stones, bleach, sandpaper and scissors a corresponding look. These special trousers are known and in demand among a younger and younger audience – also under the terms vintage jeans or used look jeans.

Jeans with holes combine cool and skillful

Jeans with holes can be combined very well with elegant clothing. Especially the contrast makes the fashionable effect. In the ladies’ world there are some great possibilities in connection with blouses, coats, blazers and shoes such as pumps or ankle boots. A figure-hugging style is created with skinny jeans.

The men can take a more casual look with bootcut jeans and vintage-style regular-fit jeans. The perfect match is plain shirts, shirts and jackets as well as boots or mid-high sneakers for footwear.

A great outfit for the next city stroll, a long party night on the weekend and on many other occasions. Decisive is your personal taste.