Saturday , 19 August 2023
Blouses in size 48 – Create reputable business outfits

Blouses in size 48 – Create reputable business outfits

Here you will find stylish tops that accompany you through everyday life, professional life and leisure. You can look forward to it Blouses in size 48 on high-quality fabrics, fashionable designs and sophisticated cuts that skilfully hide one or the other problem zone.

Blouses in size 48 Suitable for all women who have a chest circumference of 108 to 113 cm and a waist width of 91 to 95 cm. For chic business ladies who are looking for elegant models, there are classically tailored blouses in pure white. They look very serious and go well with a blazer. Of course you can also use a colored model in your job. A soft brown-red or a bright pastel green are just two of many possibilities.

Blouses in size 48: Relaxed looks succeed

For leisure, there are plenty of casual Blouses in size 48 Featuring playful patterns, casual button-facing or a cool wrap look. It’s really casual with flannel blouses in size 48. You simply wear jeans and sneakers and the casual look is ready. Ladies who want extravagant style can make blouses with abstract patterns or asymmetrical cut.