Friday , 1 September 2023


Violet or purple is one of the absolute trend colors of the season. The color has a noble charisma and is therefore ideal for chic evening dresses, which can be worn well at weddings, stylish receptions or elegant parties.

The purple has a long, meaningful tradition. For example, the color has been worn by the powerful of this world for many centuries. Kings and bishops liked to show themselves in dark violet. So it is not surprising that we still associate this color today with a sophisticated ambience and festive occasions.

Elegant and solemn in a purple evening dress

Discover tasteful plain dresses or indulge in models in various shades of violet, such as delicate lilac or deep dark purple, enchant. Many a purple evening dress with glittering applications or an eye-catching neckline attracts attention, while another is quite simple and works only by its strong color. Discreet shoes put the noble dress more in the foreground. For even more sophisticated occasions, long evening gowns are suitable, and for the elegant cocktail party in the evening, also a shorter dress fits. Evening dresses in purple can be combined in many ways and go well with matt tones like beige or gray. Silver jewelry can also be combined well with the purple of the dress and adds glamor to the look.