Monday , 11 September 2023


These chic pieces are not only a successful eye-catcher, but also make wonderful as a warm over jacket on dress, T-shirt or top. With a green cardigan follow the current color trend. There are currently many nuances to choose from, offering elegant, sporty and urban styles alike.

Green Cardigans as versatile companions for ladies

For classic and elegant looks, the most waisted cardigans with button placket are perfect. In dark fir green they look reputable and can be wonderfully combined with bright blouses or tops. Of course, in your free time, you can also turn to fresh shades of green, such as bright neon or bright grass green. This eye-catching Cardigans match jeans in used look and cheeky print shirts. Spring models are presented in delicate mint green. These trendy cardigans harmonize with soft pastel colors like rose or coral. By the way, casual leisure looks can be perfectly complemented with the fashionable extra-wide oversize variants, while feminine outfits work well with body-embroidered cardigans.

The cardigan in green – splash of color in the men’s outfit

Complement your looks in everyday life with a practical and beautiful cardigan in green – for a colorful highlight in your outfit. In the trend color, the cardigans are real combination talents. Dark models complement, for example, shirt and chinos on cool spring days. However, they are particularly well suited to warm earth tones and other natural colors that are more autumnal. Red, brown or beige trousers and shirts are perfect for this. To sneakers and jeans but also see Cardigans in cool shades of green very harmonious – best washed out for a casual vintage look.