Tube Scarves

Tube Scarves


They keep you warm, are very trendy and are also an effective accessory: tube scarves. They are true all-round talent that inspire both men and women. Everyone should have at least one of the combination talents in the wardrobe. Thanks to a variety of designs, prints and colors, you can find the perfect model for every outfit.

Practical scarves for every season

Tube scarves owe their name to their practical shape. As a result, they are rock solid, can not slip off the neck or get caught somewhere with their ends. They are placed either once or several times around the neck and are available in a variety of material qualities. For clinking cold winter days, there are cuddly coarse knit variants made of real wool or high-quality synthetic fibers. In summer, on the other hand, slight variants, such as linen or silk, come into question. In the transition period, cotton or jersey models are the perfect accessories.

Tube scarves in cool designs

Fashionable ladies can choose from a huge selection of trendy items. Extravagant animal prints are a successful eye-catcher, while solid-colored models in beige or dark blue are perfect for discreet everyday outfits. Summery flair comes up with colorful tropical prints. These match perfectly with the colorful spring look with skirt and T-shirt. Even at work, you can spice up your outfit with a tube scarf. Subtle patterns, such as dots or fine checks look serious and harmonize wonderfully with almost any business outfit.

Tube scarves for fashion-conscious men

The gentlemen also appreciate the functionality of the scarf. They particularly like to use timeless variants, such as models with English checks or plain-colored pieces. These not only fit the casual leisure look, but can also be wonderfully arranged with a smart suit. Experimental trendsetters can give their outfit that extra something with tube scarves in ethnic look.