Friday , 22 September 2023


Teenagers and colorful designs combined with a perfect fit: that’s what the bikinis from RIP CURL out. Especially the casual and sporty ladies will find the popular surfers brand.

You can find these designs

Thanks to a great diversity, there are RIP CURL matching bikinis for almost every taste. Lovers of surfer looks, for example, can opt for a casual bandeau top. The top in the triangle style looks very casual and yet feminine. The fashionable two-piece sets are adorned with trendy zigzag and ethnic patterns. The color spectrum ranges from classic blue-white to warm red and orange tones.

The surfer brand proves that seductive transparent looks and modern surfer style fit together wonderfully. For example, RIP CURL offers colorful patterned briefs with black transparent inserts on the side. Fits to it, there are tops in Cropped Top Look with also transparent cut outs.

The plain colored RIP CURL models

In addition to the many wild patterned bikinis but you can also find very simple plain-colored models in the label, for example, in soft pastel colors such as peach or mint green. If you’re in the mood for an extravagant color accent, you’re reaching for a bikini in bright pink. For those who prefer a classic and restrained look, take a look at the black two-parter of RIP CURL.