Thursday , 21 September 2023


If you do not want to do without a classic shirt in your free time, then Marc O’Polo is the perfect choice. The manufacturer offers a wide range of sporty and casual models that still radiate a timeless elegance and can be easily combined with jeans and sneakers.

Sporty and elegant shirts in the typical Marc O’Polo style

The brand has real premium qualities and produces modern casual wear for fashion-conscious gentlemen. In this style also present the casual shirts, which fit with trendy patterns and cool denim styles perfectly to the currently very sporty and casual fashion. The Marc O’Polo shirts are the ideal companions for the city, at leisure or for meeting friends. The numerous plaid models, which are available in different colors, have a very classic look. To Chinos and leather shoes, these variants can even look really elegant.

The alternative for warm days

The short-sleeved shirts by Marc O’Polo are very casual and are perfect for true trendsetters due to the fold-over sleeve hem for true trendsetters. For example, you can combine these models into shorts or cargo pants. With burgundy or red shirts you can add variety to your look and style fresh, summery outfits.

Marc O’Polo Shirts: Urban style and grunge look

The range is complemented by a range of trendy denim styles that are perfect for urban styles. Plain sneakers, a denim jacket and a pair of used-look jeans make the outfit perfect. On offer are also patterned shirts by Marc O’Polo, which convince in check style. They are the perfect combination partner for a stylish grunge outfit.