Sunday , 17 September 2023
Merino wool sweaters

Merino wool sweaters

Merino wool sweater

They convince in autumn and winter above all by their high wearing comfort. Merino sweater usually consist of pure merino wool or a sophisticated connection with functional fibers. On the one hand, they have a warming effect and, on the other hand, they enable fast moisture transport. So that the body does not cool down and moisture is transported away quickly, a close-fitting cut makes sense.

Merino sweater for men and women

In many different designs, the cuddly sweaters made of merino wool are offered, so that both men and women a variety of combination options is offered. For a chic look gentlemen can Merino sweater in elegant black, gray or navy blue for example combine with a light jacket and a light chinos trousers. On the other hand, you can create a casual look with a discreetly patterned model and simple jeans. Boots, sneakers or leather shoes are perfect for this. Merinom sweaters are also available for ladies in a large selection. For example, chunky knit sweaters go great with plain skinny jeans or leather pants and sneakers. Simple, elegant designs are also suitable as a combination partner for business trousers or pencil skirts and pumps. Long-cut merino wool sweaters look very feminine over opaque tights or leggings as a mini dress. If you want to stretch your legs a bit, it's best to combine high heels. Ankle booties with heels or chic high heels are suitable for this.