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Womens jackets styles

Womens jackets styles

Capes, boleros & other women’s jackets

Capes are more than just classics of women’s fashion. you are Relics of costume historythat in modern times the Charm of past centuries quote. They are among the first pieces of clothing that people have produced and have influenced the look of the Middle Ages, which is why they often have a romantic or folkloric image for them Ladies and gentlemen.

Between tradition and modernity

Capes were and still are primarily one today reliable protective clothingwhich is worn over the actual clothing. Due to the simple cut, which consists only of a large oval to angular cut piece, it has been the garment for several centuries. To date, it has kept up in various areas of fashion and dives in addition to the traditional costume in the collections of various fashion houses as romantic key piece on. It can be made of different materials and accordingly elegant or sporty appearance:

  • Cotton or vegetable fibers
  • different wool qualities
  • Leather or fur

Rain caps for rainy days

Regencapes or raincoats are the most well-known and, above all, most common form of Capes, They can be made from durable and weatherproof Garbadine, as well as from oiled or waxed fabrics as well as in favorable versions also from plastics. The simple cut is retained for practical reasons and at most complemented by a hood and a simple form of closure at the front – sleeves are also conceivable. This purpose and style are not mutually exclusive: Especially the English fashion is in charge and holds old traditions firmly in the program. However, the flagship discipline of the cape is not the Badwettercape, but the elegant version of the cape: Made of velvet, with fur trim or in high-quality wool qualities are the garments worn for evening wear, To a complete outfit of the classic evening fashion such as a ball gown, evening dress or even cocktail dress most black cloaks are combined. One hundred years ago there was still the heat and protection function in the foreground; Today is wearing capes not less than one Fashionstatement,

Fashionable boleros for women

There is one with the Bolero modern representative of the capes in women’s fashion: The short jacket today only reminiscent of the simple cape, but fulfills the same purpose as its traditional predecessor. The Bolero is mainly (but not exclusively) combined with an elegant evening wear and has a protective function – sometimes concealing the shoulders from a fashion point of view.

More short jackets for women

Short-cut jackets are too extremely practical in everyday fashion, They can be combined as well with a polo shirt and jeans as with a loose summer dress and sneakers. They keep warm on fresh summer evenings and are just as suitable for balmy days in spring or autumn. But even in the office, a jacket makes good and serves as practical alternative to the classic blazer,

Asian flair with kimonos

The kimono is on traditional Japanese garmentreminiscent of a kaftan. With its wide cut, high-quality materials and appealing patterns, it is the ideal companion for fashion-conscious ladies. Combine the kimono with a simple everyday outfit and enhance it in an instant. The kimonos are available in a long version, as well as with a medium length cut.

Ponchos: Cuddly look guaranteed

It is particularly comfortable with the modern version of the cape: the poncho. Originally, this form of coat comes from South America and often convinces with unusual patterns and details like fringes or pompoms. But ponchos are also available in simple versions and can be ideally combined in everyday life to T-shirt and jeans, Especially in autumn, these fashionable coats are popular because they keep you warm.