Thursday , 21 September 2023
Cardigans for men

Cardigans for men

On cool days, they are the faithful companions that give warmth and style. Men’s cardigans are Must-haves of a well-stocked men’s wardrobe, They enjoy such popularity that you almost run out of the men’s sweater and have already overtaken the men’s tank top. Discover the benefits of the new men’s cardigans and browse through the wide range of models from MCNEAL through Tommy Hilfiger to REVIEW and Paul Rosen.

The unbeatable advantages of the men’s sweater

Men’s cardigans are distinguished by their close knit relatives, the men’s sweater and the men’s tank top, primarily by their closure. If with zipper or button placket – as is so often the case, both a style and a matter of taste. Regardless of whether you opt for the classically elegant button placket or the sporty zipper, the men’s cardigans convince with their practical advantages:

  • easy to put on and take offbecause not awkward to brush over your head
  • wärmeregulierbar, because with heat accumulation the model can be opened easily
  • practical bags, usually put on and suitable for little things

It is these qualities that give the men’s cardigan its elegant sublime character. Something that can be described as “sophisticated” in English. For it is there, the sponsor country of classic men’s fashion, that the cardigan, as the men’s cardigans are known, has the reputation of being worn on cold days perfect companion for young and old to be.

Men’s cardigans – the history of cardigans

His excellent reputation, as well as the English name Cardigan, the men’s cardigans have the seventh Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudnell. As a General of the British Army in the Crimean War, he introduced the cardigans to his troops and made them an integral part of the winter uniform.

Fine knit cardigan for men in business fashion

That the men’s cardigans today even in the Business Fashion worn, the Earl of Cardigan would not have thought. In combination with a men’s shirt, a men’s polo shirt or a simple T-shirt, the men’sCardigans made of fine knit to the Key pieces of every look – and in combination with a jacket even office suitable. Because, as with all knitwear, men’s cardigans also say that the finer the stitch and the more discreet the color, the more elegant the outfit.

In winter you too can be right cuddly chunky knit jackets to grab. Oversize models are currently very popular with men’s knit cardigans and are ideal for casual leisure outfits. You can wear slim fit jeans or chinos at will. In contrast, it is very traditional and very cozy with the classic cardigans with Norwegian pattern to. For the ski holiday or the cozy afternoon with friends, these variants are perfect.

Combine the current cardigan trend models

The classic cardigan for men can also be quite youthful and hip. In urban fashion are long men’s cardigans currently the absolute bestseller. These are preferably worn tight pants and black lace-up boots. Underneath fits a contrasting shirt, preferably with lettering or motif. In this outfit you are guaranteed to trendsetter, The washed-out look is also a major theme in men’s cardigan fashion. It is created by special washes and color gradients and can be wonderfully combined with the popular used jeans.

Many men’s knit cardigans convince with a smooth, fine mesh texture. But there are also decorative models that with chic braids, hole or checkerboard patterns to cause furore. A real eye-catcher are also the trendy variants, with warm earth tones and trendy ethnic patterns to convince. These suede boots and beige trousers fit perfectly.