Wednesday , 30 August 2023
Blue Blazers

Blue Blazers

The blazer in blue is a must have for both sexes

Whether lady or gentleman – who has ever had a jacket in blue in the wardrobe, will soon buy a new model again. The versatile garment offers too many advantages to do without. The classic blazer in blue, the cotton sakko or the linen jacket in blue – they all accompany us on many occasions, celebrations or business appointments and make us look serious and stylish. Compared to the suit in dark blue, this offers jacket in blue alone carried quite a lot of leeway, as far as the combination colors. The pants can be chosen in a completely different color. Currently, the colorful jeans and chinos fit perfectly to one jacket in blue. With colorful bags and shoes, the ladies can always create a new look for the jacket in blue. The jacket in blue can be reposted in no time. From a strict business outfit, consisting of blue jacket and the same color trousers and white blouse, with a red cloth in a flash a fresh elegant outfit.

Whether navy look or strict business style: the blue jacket is versatile

The jacket in blue can always be optimally used for the popular marine look. For this you need a combination of white and small splashes of color in a different color. These can be green, red or pink shoes, bags or scarves and shawls. If the jacket is to make a serious appearance purely on business, one waives colorful complementary colors and adheres to white, beige and gray. A yellow shirt or a red sweater may also be combined with the business look. The jacket in blue serves both sexes. For the men it is a great alternative to the suit, because it can be worn on all pants and always looks chic. Even light sweaters, T-shirts and check shirts may be worn under the jacket. With a blazer in blue, the gentleman is very flexible in the design of his daily outfits in his job and spare time. The color blue harmonizes with all hair colors and complexions. Nobody has to worry about wearing a blazer in blue, whether the outfit is too pale or too flashy. It is an uncomplicated, versatile companion for all occasions and projects and always looks attractive and sympathetic.