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Floor length dress – Long dresses, long history

Floor length dress – Long dresses, long history

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Long clothes are a fabricated embodiment of women’s fashion. Elegant, feminine and sublime, they symbolize femininity par excellence. These traits are independent of the occasion long clothes wearing. From the graduation or graduation over the wedding celebration, the gala evening up to the summer evening or simply during the day – one floor-length dress you wear it at every opportunity.

Long dresses, long history

Long clothes are a prime example of the irony of history. For if the wide cuts were once intended for the chaste concealment of the female body, such cuts are now regarded as particularly feminine and romantic given the influences of men’s fashion on women’s fashion. Decisive for this perception were various currents and countercurrents of the last sixty years. Long clothes determined until the early 1960s, the streetscape. Only with the worldwide emergence of the first major emancipation movement, these were less and the new generation women increasingly resorted to ladies pants, hot pants and mini skirts. Still gladly was a long evening dress. Long cuts in everyday life, however, were considered stale. It was not until the 1970s that it was time to turn things around and determine the image of these clothes until further notice.

Hippie romance or gala dinner in a floor-length dress

Clothes are mainly associated with two central themes: summery hippie romance and the chic long evening gown. While it is classically influenced in the evening fashion and the more formal the occasion, the more it uses the fund of costume history, the airy hippie models are determined by the 70s. That’s why they usually fit well into day wear or as light summer dresses. Different brands are on sale. So you can define roughly different types of clothes:

  • Big evening dresses (very classic and with many references to the costume history)
  • Long evening dresses (classic to modern, especially graduation dresses in long cuts are popular)
  • Summer dresses (dresses that once again delimit their light cloth)

Although summer dresses are the most popular variations, one can floor-length dress Of course, regardless of the season are worn and are not limited to the summer. But especially in the warm season, when weather and mood do not make a dash through the wardrobe, their stocks are very popular. Comfortable jersey fabrics, floral prints or minimalistic patterns on the dresses are especially popular. Long-cut fits harmonize wonderfully with delicate women’s shoes such as sandals or stilettos.

And should it be cooler in the evenings in the evening dresses or summer dresses, a cloth around the shoulders to warm and emphasize the romantic style of the long dresses once again.