Friday , 15 September 2023


Cashmere in red – a noble eye-catcher

Cashmere is a very noble material. It is a wool type that is made from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. For several thousand years people have been making very soft garments from this coat. The natural colors of the coat are white, black and brown. All other colors are made using artificial or natural staining methods. Cashmere has always been used for cozy warm blankets. The material has some advantages that other types of wool do not offer. It is very light, keeps warmer than most other textiles and is temperature regulating. You can also wear a cashmere sweater in summer. The noble yarn has a cooling effect when the temperatures are high and warming when it is cold. cashmere wearing red is a confident fashion statement. Red is one of the basic colors and stands for warmth, love and a fiery temperament. The wool for the cashmere goods comes from different countries today. New Zealand, Scotland and Australia supply the world’s coveted commodities from specialized breeding farms. Natural production is provided by Iran, China, Mongolia and India. cashmere in red and in all colors, the wool of the cashmere goats must contain at least 14.5%. Otherwise it should not be so called. There are 100% cashmere products and those containing an admixture of merino wool and new wool.

Cashmere in red – cuddly warm and chic

Cashmere in red is a good choice, because red is and will remain a classic in fashion. It is extremely versatile and pleasant to the touch. Red stands for strength and self-confidence. The choice of cashmere products in red means that you do not want to hide and claim your place in the world. Turtleneck pullovers, capes, scarves, dresses and cardigans are available in the premium natural cashmere fiber. The designers are always coming up with new variants to elegantly knit this gossamer wool. Gladly leather, fur and delicate feathers are processed. If you do not count cashmere garments as your wardrobe, you will be well served with a delicate cashmere sweater for starters. This one likes to wear for years. Connoisseurs and fans of the material also wear other creations. Cashmere in red looks beautiful for a long knit dress. For the fashionable scarf cashmere in red is also a good choice.

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