Thursday , 21 September 2023
Men’s Suit Belts

Men’s Suit Belts

Lovely Belts are practical companions and trendy accessories in one. Whether elegant belts made of the finest leather, sporty models of cotton blends or Western-inspired belts with large metal buckle. Find the right model for every occasion here.

Men’s belt for all occasions

The Belts is one of the most important men’s accessories. Is he sitting? Men’s Belts correct and is consistent with the rest of the outfit stylistically, he contributes to a positive overall impression. At times psychological advantages are attributed to him: If one can trust in the hold of his man’s trousers, one appears more self-confident. Differences will be the Men’s Belts according to the following basic types: fabric belt, leather belt, black or brown belt with brass buckle. The fabric belt is a classic Men’s belt for the freetime. It goes well with the following men’s trousers: men’s chinos, corduroy or moleskin trousers. Especially in the summer time, the striped men’s belt made of fabric is popular because it picks up the maritime theme and in combination with a lightweight men’s trousers gives a harmonious picture. For a suit, as well as other formal menswear, the fabric belt is rather less suitable.

A braided belt fits both for the men’s suit, as well as for casual wear. The rustic look of this braided men’s belt fits perfectly with casual pants and American suits. The simple black men’s belt is necessary as soon as black shoes are combined in the outfit. The matching counterpart in brown is particularly appealing if it has already set some patina over the years. An old dress code says: Noble men’s belts and men’s shoes are always in harmony. With eye-catching socks, however, it can happen that the men’s belt collides in color.