Thursday , 14 September 2023
Shirt Collar

Shirt Collar

We know the classic men’s shirt in numerous variations. One of the most striking style features here is the shirt collar, It can be narrow, broad, pointed or discreet. The choice of different collar shapes is great. Nevertheless, there are some models that are used especially frequently. These include the Kent, the button-down, the tab and the shark collar. They all stand for a special style and should be combined with the matching tie.

The Kent collar is a true all-rounder. He is the classic in men’s shirts and can be worn to any tie shapes and knots. In addition, it is both closed and worn well worn, so it even comes for casual leisure looks in question. Incidentally, the name goes back to the English Duke of Kent, who was looking for a collar that allowed more freedom of movement, even when combined with a Windsor knot. Despite its rather unusual name, the shark collar is the perfect choice for formal occasions. Characteristic are the widely spaced peaks. Because of this feature, this shirt collar is best suited for combination with a wide tie and a voluminous knot. For example, the Windsor node is an option.

Casual or solemn with the right shirt collar

The button-down style is characterized by the fact that the tips are buttoned down. That’s how you sit shirt collar always perfect and does not slip. This collar shape has more of a sporty look and is often used for casual shirts. Its origin lies in polo sport. So that the collar did not flip down constantly while riding, you unbutton it firmly. The tab collar, on the other hand, comes with a handy loop on the neck. This allows the tie to be fixed and the risk of slipping is significantly reduced. This is especially useful because of this shirt collar is preferably worn on solemn occasions.