Sunday , 17 September 2023
Shine with a long sleeve blouse at the party

Shine with a long sleeve blouse at the party

They are super-feminine, very timeless and can be worn on a variety of occasions. Long Sleeve Blouses are an integral part of women’s fashion. They present themselves in various styles and colors, so you can always find the right model for leisure, everyday life and festive occasions.

What distinguishes long sleeve blouses

The classic long sleeve blouse has a tailored cut, a collar and a button placket. These models are the ideal companion for the office. They harmonize perfectly with blazer and pencil skirt and give your wearers a serious look. Meanwhile, there are also a number of casual variants that can certainly be worn in the business world. Shirt blouses or oversized blouses with long sleeves in plain colors like white or beige are allowed in the office.

Casual through the day

In their free time ladies like to take a breeze Long Sleeve Blouses that allow a lot of freedom of movement. What do you think, for example, of a relaxed tunic blouse in creased look? An embroidered border gives her a folkloristic touch. These models go great with jeans and suede ankle boots. True hippie flair, however, comes with blouses with trumpet sleeves and colorful floral patterns. A flared pant and a denim vest complete the look. Super-casual and very sporty are the fashionable denim blouses. These rugged models are currently the latest craze. They are suitable as combination partner for relaxed Streetstyles. Skinny jeans and colorful sneakers complement the outfit skillfully.

Although it covers most of the upper body, but still can be really sexy. For seductive party outfits transparent models come into question. If you just want to get a glimpse of something, just grab a long sleeve blouse with sheer cut-outs on the cleavage or on the shoulders. They can wear a trendy leather leggings and chic high-heels.