Tuesday , 26 September 2023
Stretch Shirts

Stretch Shirts

Stretch-material shirts offer you a comfortable and easy way to complete your wardrobe. The high elasticity ensures that the garment fits perfectly and nestles comfortably to your figure.

So practical are shirts with stretch content

The selection of Stretch shirts is great – for ladies as well as for men. Because there are many models from polo shirt to oversize shirt also with stretch portion. In general, materials such as cotton are combined with elastic synthetic fibers to ensure the stretch-ability of the shirts. As a result, the fabric then better adapts to the body and thus ensures high freedom of movement and comfort. So can also very figure-hugging Shirts be made, which nestle close to the silhouette and still sit very comfortably and you do not constrict.

How versatile you can use the multi-talented

Stretch shirts are real all-rounders. They are worn in everyday wear to tight-fitting pants or skirts to create a slim silhouette – or too wide pants to set a harmonious contrast. Due to their properties, the tight stretch shirts are also suitable as components of the layering look. Because they can be worn comfortably under other outerwear – such as under hoodies, vests or cardigans – without applying additional. And even for sports can the Shirts good use – especially in exercise-intensive sports in which wide-cut models would be annoying. They are also popular as pajama shirts. The cuddly seat ensures the best sleeping comfort.