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Dress Shirts

Men's Dress Shirts | Fitted and Casual Dress Shirts

For particularly elegant occasions are tasteful dress shirts a good choice. They impress with impeccable, noble design, which has a very traditional character. Of course, the shirts can be worn not only to tuxedos, but also to smart suits. Classically, you combine them with a fly. A narrow tie is also possible. It gives the shirt a modern touch and …

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Dress shirts – casual and chic to match the occasion

Dress shirts traveler collection traditional fit button-down collar dress shirt -  traveler dress shirts | jos a BNLVJBO

Since the 16th century, the shirt is known as everyday clothing that covers the entire upper body. The development into a formal garment takes place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Dress Shirts are characterized by their buttoned neck and arm openings. They also have a collar, which is manufactured separately and buttoned at the beginning. Received …

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