Monday , 18 September 2023
Women's Belts

Women's Belts

Fashionable goods for ladies

On Belts is decorative and practical at the same time. Whether worn to casual chinos or elegant suit pants – the Belts as an accessory, every pair of trousers gives that something special. Discover our wide variety of women's belts: from studded belts to lambskin belts to sporty women's belts made of fabric.

Ladies' belt for special outfits

The women's belt is an indispensable accessory in women's fashion. He is a practical accessory, ensures the perfect fit of pants or skirt and makes a look often complete. The belt buckle often serves as a jewel. Braided ladies' belts usually have a very discreet belt buckle. Beautiful women's belts are available from sporty to elegant in many designs by brands such as BGM, Lemie and Pieces.

Ladies leather belt

The most popular women's belt is the leather belt. Here are models with narrow and wide leather strap. In business styling you usually wear narrow belts with discreet metal buckle in silver or gold. Belts for jeans are usually made of coarse leather and provided with eye-catching buckle. This women's belt is very popular in the casual area. Belts for jeans are often decorated with studs or eyelets, and the brand logo is often engraved in the buckle.

Another belt popular with jeans is the basic fabric belt. This mostly wide women's belt is made of linen, cotton or synthetic fiber, some with elastane and thus stretchable. The buckle of the Basic belt is flat and made of metal, here too the brand logo is often engraved. Waistbeltes are often extra-wide and are worn either with dresses or long tops at the waist. Some waist belts have no belt buckle and are tied with a leather strap. This women's belt is ideal to emphasize a narrow waist.