Monday , 18 September 2023
Black Cargo Pants

Black Cargo Pants

Cargo pants in black – from casual work trousers to fashionable all-rounder

A cargo trouser in black is comfortable, robust and offers many fashionable combinations. Cargo pants have their origin not at all in the fashion world. So she was called beige or black It was especially practical because it featured large pockets and plenty of storage space for tools and other utensils, and was durable and comfortable to cut. Especially with physical activity, the thin but robust mixture of cotton and polyester is of great advantage. For the first time in the 1990s, the cargo pants in black were worn away from hikes and construction sites. Especially for her loose and wide cut she was very popular with young people during the time of the baggy pants. Currently, the cargo pants in black has her fashionable revival and is even worn by ladies. Not much has changed. Only on the width of the pants, the designers have set and adapted to the current fashion with rather tight pants. Characteristic are still the patch pockets at knee height and the thin, airy fabric that makes them so comfortable. Alternatively, they are also made of slightly thicker fabric, with mostly dyed denim used. This makes it even more robust and perfect for low temperatures.

A cargo trouser in black – with which one combines them best

The combination possibilities of the former work trousers are very diverse: anything from elegant to casual is possible, and so a black cargo trouser is a real all-rounder. Thanks to the new, narrower cuts, these leisure trousers also make a good impression in a stylish outfit. For example, she wears a pullover and leather lace-up shoes. If you like something a little bit fancier, you will resort to desert boots and stand out from the crowd guaranteed. Such an outfit made of cargo pants in black and boots gives a mature and reputable impression, but at the same time looks stylish and fashion-conscious – the perfect look for modern young men and women. Of course, a cargo pants in black can also be worn athletically. For example, with sneakers and a sporty sweatshirt or T-shirt, which give a youthful style. In this combination, the trousers are especially popular in the leisure sector. Thus, a cargo pants in black is something for every taste.