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Women’s Blazer chic in business and leisure

Women’s Blazer chic in business and leisure

The Ladies blazer is a real styling wonder. With its sporty and elegant silhouette, it can be combined in many ways and is a styling partner just in case. Whether at work, on festive occasions, shopping or meeting friends: The Ladies Blazer looks correct and casual at the same time – and enhances every outfit. It all does that Ladies Blazer an indispensable part of the ladies wardrobe.

current blazer in overview:

  • Classic business blazer
  • Jersey blazer
  • Maritime blazer
  • blazer in tuxedo style
  • velvet blazer
  • Long blazer
  • knit blazer

Modern blazer models are single-breasted, hip-length cut, with a slight sidecut and subtly emphasized and casually rounded shoulders. Jersey models are casual and sporty, often feature quilted pockets and are a perfect match for your favorite jeans. Maritime blazer Made from striped fabric or contrasting piping, it combines casual shirts, classic trousers and knee-length skirts in dark blue or white to create a perfect office and leisure outfit. Blazers in a tuxedo style with shawl cuffs and satin are particularly elegant and almost nostalgic. In combination with jeans and a simple top, the elegant blazer is styled for everyday use – and with skinny jeans or leather pants, high heels and clutch for a sophisticated evening outfit.

Tip: The blazer as a jacket

Do we need more than a blazer as a jacket? At arctic temperatures and in colder climes, this question may be out of place. But in our latitudes and especially in the transitional period between summer and fall, and even between autumn and winter, a blazer can also be worn very well as a jacket. So when it comes to wearing it as a jacket on the street and not as a fashionable addition to the office, some styling rules apply.

The most important helper against the cool air and essential accessory is a scarf, optionally a cloth. If you go without the door, the look gives the impression, one would have accidentally forgotten the coat at home. A sweater under the blazer is similar to the cloth. He warms and points unmistakably to the fact that the jacket-free appearance is absolutely wanted. Furthermore, a cardigan can be used for a layering style, which further supports the look. In Blazer you always make a neat impression. In addition, it offers all the benefits of a coat – but it looks sportier, more youthful and trendy.

Business Blazer – neat in the job

Elegant and serious, the business blazer accompanies you through your professional life. Depending on which industry you work in, it is advisable to use a classic color to match the pencil skirt or trousers. Anthracite or navy are particularly harmonious even in industries with strict dress code – such as banking. Brighter shades like taupe or beige are more for a smart casual look. A timeless, slightly waisted cut with a hip-length cut is a choice that will not go wrong with your blazer in the business environment. Long versions are currently again modern and also bring the necessary seriousness into the business outfit.

In casual blazer chic through everyday life

Whether in the café or on the birthday of a good friend: casual blazers add a touch of subtlety to your casual looks. They go perfectly with chinos or jeans and are available in many fashionable shapes and colors made of mostly elastic materials. Very short, tight models are especially delicate ladies and emphasize the figure very nice. Currently very popular are oversized blazers, which are combined by many young women especially casual to culottes and sneakers – a casual and at the same time preppy street style, as it is often seen in the cities of the world.

The frock coat as an elegant companion in the evening

It is particularly festive with the popular frock coat. It is characterized by its length, because it ends approximately in the middle of the thigh or even just above the knee. Often he is cut slightly waisted, which he traces the feminine silhouette great. Wear it for example as a guest at a wedding or to a theater visit for a stylish appearance. Different variants are available – from sequin-covered models with a glittering effect to gently shiny patterns to delicately pastel variants for spring. In the transitional period, a discreet model, for example made of coarse woven material can also replace the coat once.

Box jackets – great addition to fashionable outfits

Box jackets are the short variants of the blazer. You always have a particular sense of purpose when you wear something underneath that you would like to show in its full splendor, but want to cover something so as not to freeze. This can be, for example, a fitted dress, which retains its effect through the short form of the box jacket. But even a currently hip long blouse comes with this short Blazermodell great advantage. This fits a slim-fit pants and high heels for a coordinated combination.