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Chic Evening Dresses in different designs and cuts

Chic Evening Dresses in different designs and cuts

For hundreds of years, there have been social events that put a lot of emphasis on upmarket clothing. While the gentlemen came in tails, uniform or suit, the women wore decorative evening Dresses in different designs and cuts. Just in former times were allowed chic evening dresses be particularly generous. Made of the finest fabrics, decorated with ornaments and often in combination with hats and masks, the women have always been the highlight on balls or other celebrations. Over time evening Dresses undergone a significant development.

Evening dresses and the development of elegant evening wear

As before, they stand out from everyday clothing with a special elegance and noble ornaments. At the present time are evening Dresses but not always long and widely exhibited. Rather, the designers of today take the liberty and ensure that even short versions like to be worn on solemn occasions. Ruffle skirts and ruffles have given way to figure-hugging cuts and flowing fabrics. Today, the colors are mainly based on a covered selection. Dark tones such as blue and black or even more eye-catching colors like red or green are often the first choice.

Evening dresses as a first choice on festive occasions

If it is explicitly stated on an invitation that evening wear is desired, then the search for a beautiful sexy may evening dress start right away. And nowadays you can find it too Evening dresses online, Clothes are also a good choice on other occasions. Also as a guest to a wedding you are with a evening dress dressed appropriately. For round birthdays or company parties there is the possibility to choose one of the inconspicuous models. Because today, a chic evening dress can be worn short or in the classic way long As a middle course offer Abenkleider, which are for example kept knee-length. A good choice here is the so-called “little black man”. The tight-fitting dress often has only a narrow neckline and wide straps.

Top 3 tips for evening dresses

It is usually knee-length and ideal for casual but upscale events. Nice evening dresses often do not need much jewelry anymore. Usually they themselves have different ornaments such as sequins or embroidery. A narrow bracelet or a chain will arrive well. The shoes for the evening dress is best for a model with a little heel. The silhouette of the wearer looks even slimmer and slimmer long evening dress does not lie on the ground. The combination possibilities of dress, shoes and accessories are particularly versatile in the evening fashion.

Carefully choose the accessories for the long evening dress

Of course, long evening dresses are traditionally worn with high heels. That’s how you stretch your silhouette. Accessories such as a necklace or bracelet are welcome, but should always be tailored to the dress. If it is already a statement by striking ornaments such as sequins, large loops or ruffles, it is advisable to use the jewelry well dosed in order not to overload the outfit but taste to be effective.

In any case, if you opt for a sophisticated updo to a long evening dress, which will emphasize your neck and décolleté particularly well-rounded. And for a cool evening, a short bolero, such as fine faux fur, or a stole to cover the shoulders is recommended as a supplement.