Wednesday , 13 September 2023
Laced Sweater

Laced Sweater

On Sweater with lacing is characterized by its special refinement. The lacing deliberately sets additional accents, which enhance even an otherwise plain colored and simply kept sweater.

Sweaters with laces in the neckline are the classic

For many women’s tops, the lacing is integrated into the neckline. The depth of your cut can be designed individually and thus always – if desired – skilfully put your cleavage in scene. The lacing at the neckline is ideal even if you wear a pretty top under your sweater, which is so much better. The Sweater with lacing There are both plain colors, as well as with contrasting cords and ribbons.

Also a beautiful back can delight

The lacing on your sweater does not always have to be at the neckline or even on the front. On some models, the lacing on the back. A simple sweater turns out to be a real it-piece with playful charm. Another eyecatcher are sweaters with laces in the shoulder area. With cut-outs on the shoulders, laced straps prevent the sleeves from slipping off. With the upper body in focus, these models look especially nice when combined with a strapless bra so that the shoulders are covered by the laces alone.