Sunday , 17 September 2023
Maypol Shoes

Maypol Shoes

With these high quality shoes you choose handmade models from Spain. They inspire with first-class quality, excellent workmanship and modern designs that are equally inspired by Spanish flair and international trends. Cheeky colors, unusual fits and unusual patterns give the creations of MAYPOL the very special something.

The right footwear for every occasion

Thanks to the extensive range, there are many suitable options MAYPOL Shoes. For example, the label offers a range of elegant leather heel shoes that you can wear in your leisure time as well as at work. In combination with a jumpsuit or trouser suit, this creates a very serious look. If you like it casual, be sure to check out the brand’s cool sneakers. These delight with warm colors and a high wearing comfort. A boyfriend jeans and a basic T-shirt fit very well.

With Maypol through the summer

For the summer Maypol offers stylish espadrilles, which convince with bright colors and decorative embellishments. The summer models look great with jeans shorts as well as long linen pants. For extra feminine looks, there are also a range of sandals with a modern wedge heel.