Saturday , 16 September 2023


Cool comic designs are the trademark of the trend label Paul Frank Industries. Paul, the monkey is probably the most famous animal from the collection and graces almost every one Paul Frank T-shirt. At first glance, this childlike design first conquered the hearts of fashion fans in the Greater New York area and is today receiving worldwide attention.

Paul Frank T-Shirt – cool comic style for a casual street look

The story of the cult label Paul Frank Industries begins like a fairy tale. In 1995, some friends in a garage start sewing purses and handbags as gifts for friends and acquaintances. Remnants of the vinyl artificial leather of the car seats of the legendary street cruisers of the 1950s make the young people into colorful accessories with cheeky motives. Figures such as Julius the Monkey, Elaine the Deer or Will the Mouse emerge and conquer the hearts of fashion-loving people. Today, the label maintains shops in the major fashion capitals of the world. In addition to purses and bags, a Paul Frank T-shirt with a great print is also a popular piece for trendsetters. The successful label is so in demand that most of the collections are preordered before the official launch and thus sold out.

Paul Frank T-Shirt – Trend fashion for the young at heart

For teens, the popular design of the label is perfect. A Paul Frank T-shirt is an expressive top for fashion-loving teenagers. It animates to play with colors, shapes and cuts. A classic for the cool street style in the urban urban jungle: a Paul Frank T-shirt, a casual peaked cap and sturdy jeans – it creates an individual look that convinces in school and leisure. The striking prints with their own handwriting are the hallmark of a Paul Frank T-shirts, Sometimes colorful, sometimes finely tuned, the casual cartoon animals decorate the front of the models. A small logo lettering and a label patch on the side seam complete the design. Available in many fashionable colors, the shirts can be perfectly combined with the latest children’s and youth fashion. But even adults integrate the shirts of the New York label in their individual leisure look. The soft fabric made of pure cotton offers best wearing properties.