Tuesday , 26 September 2023
Special features of Mens Pleated Trousers

Special features of Mens Pleated Trousers

Pleated pants are the classics of men’s fashion. They can be both business pants or suit trousers, as well as casual casual pants. Their name merely describes the cut, but not the use or character of the pants. This is changeable and very complex. Discover the wide range of pleated pants by browse through the classics and discover your personal favorites.

Pleated pants characterize the two or four pleats on the waistband. These are darts, which cause the men’s trousers ideally one fold each fall from the waistband over the knee to the trouser hem. How well the wrinkles fall depends on the material of the pants. It is also possible to control the image of the trousers – firm pleats on coarser fabrics are strict and elegant; no or weak pleat is casual and soft. They are the more casual equivalent to creases. The basic character of the crease pants is casual, which is why they are mainly but not exclusively used for unconventional trouser types. These include:

Especially in continental Europe, pleats are a popular type of trousers. Here they are gladly combined with comfortable suits, with sports suits or blouson jackets. In England, the fatherland of men’s fashion, however, they are used almost exclusively in leisure wear.

Pleated pants and who they stand

Pleated pants have the advantage that they fall particularly well when standing. However, sitting up, they easily bulge up, which may not be pleasing to everyone, but makes them very comfortable. Tradtioneller is turned inward pleat, with its counterpart, the so-called reversed pleat represents an alternative. The pleats have clear advantages and disadvantages. There are also optical criteria that apply to the special pants. For example, wider-cut sports jackets and blazers look better to the pants than fitted jackets. This is because the pleated pants are cut quite narrow and put the gaze of the viewer in the composition on the waistband. High-cut pants with Pleated trousers are best Men’s with a flat stomach. As soon as a belly approach is there, this is visually enhanced. Anyone who has something belly size is best served with pants that taper down.