Tuesday , 19 September 2023
Winter Leather Jacket Women

Winter Leather Jacket Women

Leather jackets for women

Rebellion, freedom and sex appeal: the Ladies Leather Jacket has a thoroughly positive image in fashion. It accompanies style-conscious women reliably through the year – regardless of whether in stormy autumn weather, on cold winter days or as a light leather blouson on summery days. The reason for this is the material itself: Leather has been used in clothing production for centuries – but that is denoch Ladies Leather Jacket modern like never before.

History of the ladies leather jacket

The Ladies Leather Jacket as we know it has its origin as functional clothing or outdoor fashion. At the beginning of the 20th century were leather Jackets a rarity for ladies. It was worn only by the few women who drove a motorcycle or car or even like Amelia Earhart flew an airplane. However, it was this adventurous image that led to this jacket combining mobility, speed and progress – a reputation that the fashion-conscious, feminine bohemian was happy to adopt for itself and thus increasingly to the leather jacket Handle.

After World War II, youth culture was in many ways a fashionable driving force. She also provided the Ladies Leather Jacket with a new reputation. It should be youthful and sexy, sporty and casual. Nevertheless, the leather jacket for women was not a success. Too rebellious, too riotous was the image of the jacket, which was associated with rock bands and motorcycle bands. It was not until the 1960s and ’70s, when large parts of the youth came to the taste of rebellion and designed counter positions to their parents, ladies in leather jacket Position. Thus, the iconic jacket has firmly established itself over the last few years in the fashion world and in the wardrobes of different women.

What color should your leather jacket have?

In addition to different leather variants, there is a large selection of colors. Especially common among the modern ones leather Jackets: Black. But the versions in brown are a popular choice of color. But even apart from these classic colors you will find pretty models. How about a leather jacket in pink or a bright red? Orange or light blue are great, especially in the spring.