Tuesday , 19 September 2023
5 Pocket Men’s Pants

5 Pocket Men’s Pants

5-pocket trousers are the robust casual men’s trousers. Typically men’s jeans are equipped with five pockets, but men’s chinos can also be equipped with an extra change pocket. The Coin Pockets, as the original English title of the complementary, small coin pockets are, as the name suggests, there to store small change. They make up a large part of the character of the 5-pocket pants.

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The classic 5-pocket pants are men’s jeans. When the German emigrant Levi Strauss launched the jeans as work trousers in the 19th century, they also came up with some characteristic elements. These include the reinforced with rivets, patch back pockets, which is why the denim pants are also called rivets. But also the coin Pocket belongs to it. In a time when you could pay for a week with a silver dollar, these usually put change bags were used as a substitute for the wallet.

Today the pants are an integral part of men’s fashion. The coin Pocket is with many carriers, however, only a decorative relic or is really used for the rest of the change, which later jingles in the washing machine. One thing the 5-pocket pants have retained regardless of their use, their casual character.

5-pocket trousers are particularly relaxed companions. If you stick to the classic dress code you have no business in the office floor. But this dress code is often obsolete and is only used in finance, in law or in customer service. Otherwise, jeans and chinos have prevailed. However, to make sure that they are considered suitable for business, there is also a kind of dress code here. It says which garments have to be combined into 5-pocket trousers to turn the entire look into business fashion. This includes: