Tuesday , 19 September 2023
Women’s Chinos – exciting alternative to ladies jeans

Women’s Chinos – exciting alternative to ladies jeans

The chinos are in today’s women’s fashion a must-have and an exciting alternative to the trendy ladies jeans. Thus, the versatile women’s trousers are simply indispensable in a well-stocked wardrobe. Characteristic of the chinos is above all the simple design. Only two French pockets on the front and two welt pockets on the buttocks usually provide highlights. Due to the reduced appearance, the pants also welcome in the working world. Here they are easily combined with blouses, blazers or beautiful cardigans thanks to their light and comfortable wearing properties.

Chinos – From the American classic to the fashionable must-have

In addition to jeans and wool pants count chinos in fashion the most American garments ever. They reflect the casual and unconventional attitude of the Americans as well as the strong desire for elegant dress codes. Especially in leisure time, as a style-conscious woman with the so-called khakihose always dressed appropriately, because the chinos are true combination wonders. The name Chino can be traced back to the Chinese, who produced the cotton pants first.

They export the sand-colored ones trousers to the Philippines, which were American dominions from 1934 to 1946. The GIs stationed there liked the loosely cut pants so well that they took them to the USA and called them “Chinos” because of their origin. After the war, the so-called Preppy Style developed at the American elite universities. To this day, the key item of this look is the Chino trousers, This sporty-elegant clothing style is successfully implemented by numerous labels such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Gant and is an unavoidable trend in both men’s and women’s fashion. Main elements of this style are:

  • A dark blue women’s blazer with attached breast pocket
  • A white or light blue Oxford women’s blouse
  • And of course the classic ones Ladies chinos