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Casual and fashionable: autumn parkas for women

Casual and fashionable: autumn parkas for women

Parka for women: Simply casual

Parkas are hard to beat in terms of style, They are among the undisputed must-haves in the current women’s fashion and thus may not be missing in any well-stocked wardrobe. But this women’s jacket can look much more than just good – it is a reliable companion for the whole year, A wide selection of fashionable women’s parkas can be found in the large assortment . Here you will find the classic down parkas for the winter, but also light summer parkas or a loose transition parka. Ladies will find their favorites from trend labels like Maison Scotch or Review, as well as traditional brands like Barbour.

practical, fashionable and simply unmistakable

The word Parka has its origins in the language of the Inuit. It literally means as much as heat. The versatile outdoor jackets undoubtedly do justice to this promising name. Initially only worn by daring researchers at polar expeditions in Alaska or Siberia, soon realized that too military the advantages of the appropriate parkas.

The American army discovered in the 40s of the last century the warm and at the same time practical jacket as optimal garment for the icy winter, The parkas became more widely known among the civilian population in the early 1970s. Many supporters of the mod subculture wore the durable jackets to protect themselves on their scooters from dirt and cold. They are one of the triggers for today omnipresent Military look, At that time, the modern Parkas were still produced almost exclusively in their original form and mostly in khaki, which changed relatively quickly with time and fashions. Today, the parkas from the collections of designers and thus from the fashion world are almost indispensable.

Hardly any other jacket fits the autumn as well as the parka. He is already in traditional olive color made for the cooler days at the end of the year, But not only its appearance convinces – also its length is ideal, because it not only warms the upper body, but also the thighs. The Autumn parka for women Convinced with a medium length cut, it is lightly lined and has a detachable hood to to stay fashionable flexible, Moreover, it is simply comfortable and sporty-simple, so it can be combined with various autumnal outfits. Whether with sweatshirt, jeans and boots or fancier with a feminine dress and wool tights – Autumn parkas convince with versatility, In addition to the classic green tone, you can also choose the autumn parka as a dark blue anorak. Or how about a sunny-yellow model to bring some sunshine into the fall with the parka?

The summer parka for women: fashionable through the warm season

These robust jackets are in use all year round: a light cotton parka accompanies us in mild temperatures and a short model can be varied again and again, If you opt for a summer parka that does without the classic teddy lining and a hood, you have one fashionable jacket for balmy summer evenings, The Parka skilfully enhances trendy street styles and currently comes in different styles. Simply combine your summer parka into a plain white shirt and a pair of lightweight chinos. Sneakers and trendy, pilot-style sunglasses are a perfect match.

Functional and stylish: rain parkas for women

Parkas made of polyester or with polyester content keep you warm and dry even in bad weather and wind, A hood belongs to the rain parka in any case. Also useful are drawstrings on the sleeves, so that no water can penetrate. Additional protection against dingy weather offers a windbreak strip on the zipper. These are women’s rain parkas not only functional, but also fashionable: With bright colors they make even in bad weather good mood.

Practical in winter:

The parka is a true lifesaver on cold and snowy winter days, because of the warming food and the tall protective hood The Winter Parka Ladies guarantees a huge and inimitable comfort, It is not for nothing that polar researchers have been relying on these special winter jackets for more than a hundred years. Today, this anorak is also making its way into fashion and is thus shaping the winter street scene in the cities. down Parkas offer one very effective heat insulation, Warm air is stored in the individual compartments of the jacket – so you do not freeze even when it’s below zero. Even the popular parka with fur is much sought after by fashion-conscious ladies.

Classic or unusual? Parkas in different colors

Of course, the traditional parka for women is olive. He is still reminiscent of the military look and can be thus easily combine with modern urban wear, But women’s parkas today are as diverse as the women who wear them. How about a model in pink or yellow, for example? Even patterned parkas are trendy these days – Dots are an evergreen! You want a jacket that reliably accompanies you through everyday life? Then you access a ladies parka in black. It can be combined with almost any outfit and is insensitive thanks to its color.