Sunday , 17 September 2023


Lining dresses for wide hips

By highlighting your preferences and playing around the problem areas, you can get the most out of your character. Women with wide hips can skilfully put on their curves with concealing dresses. Convince yourself and discover the many ways to put your hips in the background.

Wide hips? Lining dresses accentuate your preferences

Wide or flared A-line skirts are a great choice. They play around the pelvis and make it seem so slimmer. If you do not want to emphasize your hips, you should always use clothes that are narrower at the waist. If you want to grab the maxi dress, then just opt ​​for a concealing dress that width hips narrower by ending just above the shackles. Thus, the narrow ankles are emphasized and stretched her entire body.

These details will help you to a successful appearance

Incidentally, hips can also be wonderfully concealed by dresses with peplum. These slimming products have the advantage of slimming away a few pounds while creating a gorgeous feminine figure. Dark colors like black and dark blue are also an advantage if you want to create a narrower silhouette. You should renounce with lining dresses for width hips shiny fabrics and oversized patterns, at least below the waist. The top of the dress may of course be decorated according to your mood.