Friday , 15 September 2023
G-Star Winter Jackets of the popular fashion label

G-Star Winter Jackets of the popular fashion label

G-Star jackets are characterized by their youthful and sporty style. In addition to sweatshirts from a wide range of colors, the range also includes classic denim jackets and sporty outdoor jackets. G-Star Jackets in a youthful-elegant style are classic jackets or playful cardigans in the ladies assortment.

G-Star Jackets of the popular fashion label

The origins of G-Star fashion are the typical G-Star jeans in three-dimensional style. The idea for the successful model Elwood goes back to the fit with comfortable legroom of motorbike pants made of leather. This is therefore equipped with a straight leg cut and a remote knee for more freedom of movement.  the popular fashion brand’s product range also includes G-Star jackets, T-shirts, coats and G-Star sweatshirts. Company founder Jos van Tilburg initially offers his fashion under the company name Gapstar and works closely with the Swiss label Big on the designs star together. The company has been carrying its present name G-Star since 1993 to avoid name disputes with the brand The Gap. One of the main materials for G-Star clothing is durable denim made of pure cotton. In addition, G-Star jackets, shirts and G-Star sweaters are made from different, often finer cotton fabrics.

International success with jeans and G-Star jackets

Since its foundation, the Amsterdam-based company has been growing in popularity. After the jeans by G-Star with their extraordinary cuts conquer the heart of the mainly young audience, company founder Jos van Tilburg expands his fashion into a youthful and elegant line. In doing so, he orients himself to the growing needs of his customers, who are now also wearing shirts, blouses and elegant G-Star in their professional lives Jackets made of fine cotton fabrics. The company also adds shoes, underwear and accessories such as belts, caps, scarves and bags. Characteristic of the fashion brand is the processing of predominantly natural materials, especially cotton and occasionally leather. Only weatherproof G-Star jackets for the chilly winter months and warm vests for the transitional period are also made by G-Star from mixed and chemical fibers. Jeans, shirts, G-Star jackets and the entire range of innovative fashion labels are now enjoying worldwide popularity. The special interest of the Dutch company is still the jeans with a comfortable fit. After the three-dimensional jeans, Jos van Tilburg is now working on a new, five-dimensional model that is hard to beat in terms of wearing comfort.