Monday , 25 September 2023


A cardigan in green – perfect as a jacket for the transitional period

A sweater in green is always suitable for ladies and gentlemen as a light over it in one evening or in the air-conditioned office in the summer. But it is also perfect as a transition jacket in spring and autumn, when it gets cooler in the evening. It just fits the color green wonderful for the fall. Especially dark green blends seamlessly into the colors of autumn and blends well with black and brown, which are particularly popular in the colder months. Especially for the most different shades of brown one creates cardigan in green a beautiful color harmony, the ladies as well as gentlemen stands well. That's how one can be cardigan in green, for example, combine beautifully with a pair of brown trousers. Stylish leather lace-up shoes that give an elegant look are suitable for this. Sportier is the combination with jeans. Because even in a sporty outfit, a cardigan in green makes very good and does not look out of place. Especially light green is a good choice for friends of a sporty look. Ladies wear light green but also in a more elegant outfit – for example, as a light jacket for over in a breezy-summery outfit.

The cardigan in green – from the casual long knit cardigan to the stylish cardigan

Ladies and gentlemen have the choice of a variety of different cardigans. A casual model for women is, for example, a long-knit cardigan: this cardigan in green is buttoned and knee-length. Some designs are very figure-hugging and fit close to the body. A particularly popular jacket made of knitwear is the cardigan, which is available for both women and men. This is a cardigan in green with large buttons, which are mostly made of horn or wood. It has a deep V-neckline and thus allows beautiful combinations with an underneath worn T-shirt. Stylish color harmonies with the green of the jacket can be created here. Also nice are a scarf or scarf, which are casually draped in the V-neck. Mostly the cardigan has an elaborate knit pattern that looks classically classy and stylish. For gentlemen, a combination of cardigan and brown chinos or other fine trousers is recommended. So this cardigan in green is particularly good effect.