Men’s Winter Shirt

Men’s Winter Shirt

Men’s shirts play a central role, especially in men’s fashion. In business fashion as a so-called city shirt, but also in casual fashion as a casual shirt. The latter, however, does not mean shirts such as polo shirts or undershirts, but the casual version of the classic business shirt.

One of the most important features of the shirt – the button-through button placket – has only existed since the late 19th century. Before that were Men’s shirts pulled over his head. Until the 18th century it became shirt also not – as we know it today – visibly worn under a sports jacket. It was much more part of the underwear and was worn under the outerwear. Only the collar was visible. Collars were also removable and could be washed daily.

modern shirts differ in cut and collar shape. The most common cuts today include the following:

Those who are not sure what suits them can also find their style with the help of fashion advice

Versatile men’s shirts for a stylish appearance

The Men’s shirt belongs firmly to the men’s wardrobe. It is the ideal complement to the classic suit, but is also often combined with casual jeans or chino. Short sleeved variants you can even wear to Bermuda. The choice of material also determines the effect of the shirt. Thanks to a large selection of different colors and fits, the right model is available for every occasion. Discover the possibilities and find the best shirt for your purposes.

True all-round talent: White shirts

The white shirt is the absolute classic among the Men’s shirts, It suits every guy and especially every outfit. You can wear it at leisure, in the office and on special occasions. white shirts harmonize with both a stylish suit, as well as the casual jeans. For a casual office look, simply combine your white shirt with dark jeans and a gray jacket. A Kent collar is particularly well suited for such a business casual look.

Elegant business shirts for the professional life

A more serious office look does not come without a high quality shirt. Shirts are also worn for meetings or important business lunches. In muted colors such as white, beige, champagne or gray, they are ideally suited to the professional environment. But even pastel colors are increasingly combined with the business look. In addition, the business shirt should sit perfectly and have as classic a collar as possible, such as the shark collar.

Casual casual shirts

In the free time it may be a bit more relaxed. Colorful prints and some more cuts are quite possible here. In addition, short-sleeved shirts are often worn in leisure time. In the office or on special occasions, they are rather out of place. Combine your casual shirt with your favorite jeans and a pair of comfortable sneakers. In winter you can also wear a color-fitting cardigan over the short-sleeved shirt.

Flannel shirts – the cult classics

They convince both visually, and with a comfortable fit: shirts made of flannel. The fabric is particularly soft and cuddly, and usually consists of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers. Classically, the flannel shirt is provided with a check pattern. Very popular is the color combination black and red, but there are also many other colors available. Flannel shirts go well with denim pants and can be wonderfully worn at leisure. They are suitable for a city trip as well as for other outdoor activities.

Casual denim shirts for urban looks

The denim shirt is currently experiencing a true fashion festival. It presents itself mainly in the typical denim blue, but can also be ordered in black or colored. Especially for urban outfits it is the ideal companion. You can wear a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Also to a Western look, the denim shirt fits perfectly. Combine it with rugged boots, used jeans and a distinctive belt.

Button down shirts for sporty looks

The button-down shirts owe their name to the collar, which is fastened to the shirt with the help of buttons. As a result, it always stays in shape and is particularly suitable for sporty outfits. The button-down shirt is often worn in leisure time in combination with a jeans or a chino. More and more men wear the casual shirts but also at work and combine with a loose-fitting suit.

Non-iron shirts save annoying work

For all gentlemen who do not like ironing their shirts, there are now also non-iron models. These shirts are made of a special material that prevents unsightly wrinkles. Simply hang the shirts over a hanger after washing to make them as smooth as possible. Non-iron shirts are available in all fits, colors and styles, making you perfectly equipped for any occasion.

The collar shapes of different shirts

The most common collar shape in modern business shirts is the Kent collar. It was invented by the Earl of Kent and has corners that make a right angle. Just as popular as the classic is the shark collar, which is quite spread and high. This variant also goes well with business suits and is often worn with ties with Windsor knots. A variant of those two collars is the New Kent, which is not as broad as the shark collar and not as pointed as the classic Kent collar. The button down collar is a very popular variation for casual shirts, The corners of this collar are fastened on each side with a button on the shirt. Fashionable shirts with this collar are often worn even without a tie.

While in the office some rules are to be observed when wearing shirts, in the leisure time much is not seen so closely. In the office, for example, you should refrain from wearing short-sleeved shirts or roll up the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts even in the heat of the day. In casual fashion, short-sleeved shirts are currently very much in vogue, especially among young men. Also, rolling up here is quite a casual style element.

In addition to the classic, classy shirts, materials such as wrinkle-free and non-iron cotton and light cotton-synthetics blends in particular have a material in the foreground: Denim. The trendy material offers a wide range of casual chic shirts variations. Indigo or Bleached. So shirts lose their classic face and become a trend object.

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