Sequined dresses: Glittering through the night

Sequined dresses: Glittering through the night

Dresses with sparkling and glittering effects have a very special look and feel the center of every event become. Sequined dresses are great for sophisticated occasions in an atmospheric ambience carry. But also for the next one club visit suitable for this glamorous outfit. The sequins reflect the light effects many times and make you shine on the dance floor – in the truest sense of the word.

Sequined dress: Long or short?

Whether for the prom, the wedding or special evening events: With a glittering dress, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. For sophisticated occasions, long evening gowns are ideal, but at a cocktail party or at the club, you can also opt for shorter variants. Dresses with a low neckline, high-necked dresses, wide-flared or tight-fitting skirts are available in a wide variety of colors. How about one for example? Sequined dress in gold for the next festive occasion? On the other hand, it gets a bit funky with one Sequined dress in silver – You will certainly attract attention and make a breathtaking performance. But of course the classic also works: one black sequin dress combines elegance and extravagance.

By the way, sequined dresses are not just something for solemn occasions. Some models can also be worn well in everyday life. For example, dresses with sequined motifs come into question. If the sparkling sequins are used sparingly and are not in the foreground, The clothes can be wonderfully integrated into the leisure fashion, Casual footwear, such as boots or ankle boots, or even a cool leather jacket are a great complement and a conscious style break, which is currently very trendy.

So combine the glitter dresses

Some of the glitter dresses are covered with sequins all over, others are set on special accents in isolated places like the décolleté. Since a sequin dress is very glamorous and dominates the overall outfit, it makes sense to make the rest of the look rather discreet, This is possible, for example, by matching the shoes in color on the dress.

A sequin dress brings another advantage: Additional jewelry is actually no longer neededbecause the dress itself is a real gem that attracts attention and stands at the center of the glittering look. A sequin dress is perfect, to go out shortbecause the look requires little effort, but still achieves a very strong effect.